Brand Development Overview

The DJuana Lewis Brand Development Service is a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to create, nurture, and elevate your brand’s identity in the market. We understand that a brand is more than just a logo; it’s a representation of a company’s ethos, values, and promise to its customers. She will work with your businesses to shape a unique brand story that resonates with target audiences and fosters loyal customer relationships.

Service Features

Discovery and Research:

  • Detailed market analysis to understand the industry landscape, competition, and consumer preferences.
  • Stakeholder interviews to determine internal perceptions and goals for the brand.

Brand Strategy Formulation:

  • Positioning strategy to ensure your brand stands out in the market.
  • Messaging framework to guarantee coherent and compelling brand communications.

Visual Identity Creation:

  • Logo design and refinement.
  • Brand style guide which includes typography, color palettes, iconography, and usage guidelines.

Brand Voice Development:

  • Crafting a distinct tone and manner for all written communications.
  • Guidelines on brand vocabulary, tonality, and writing styles across different platforms.

Digital and Physical Collateral:

  • Website design and development tailored to reflect your brand’s essence.
  • Print materials, including business cards, letterheads, brochures, and more.

Brand Launch and Roll-out:

  • Integrated marketing campaigns to introduce the new or refined brand to your target market.
  • Employee training sessions to ensure everyone represents the brand consistently.

Brand Launch and Roll-out

The branding journey doesn’t conclude once a brand is launched; it’s an ongoing process that requires continuous attention, adaptation, and evolution. Our Ongoing Consultation and Evolution Service ensures that your brand remains relevant, competitive, and aligned with both internal goals and external market dynamics.


While the duration can vary based on the scope and requirements, a typical brand development process takes 8-12 weeks from discovery to roll-out.