How to Grow My Brand When I’m Technology Challenged

Hello, fabulous readers! I’m DJuana Lewis, your go-to brand specialist, passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to shine. Today, I’m addressing a concern I hear often: “How do I grow my brand when I’m technology-challenged?” Fear not, my friends. Let’s unpack this together.

Embrace the Learning Curve

First things first, being ‘technology challenged’ is not a permanent state. It’s simply a starting point. Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Embrace the learning curve with curiosity and patience. Start with the basics – understand what different platforms offer and how they align with your brand goals. There’s a wealth of free resources online, from YouTube tutorials to blogs and free courses tailored to beginners. Dedicate a small portion of your day to learning; even 20 minutes can make a significant difference.

Leverage Your Strengths

You’ve got strengths that have gotten you this far; let’s use them to your advantage. Are you a great communicator? Excellent at storytelling? Utilize these skills to create compelling content. Additionally, you don’t need high-tech skills; you can quickly write an engaging blog post or tell a story through a simple video. Focus on your content’s quality, authenticity, and relevance to your audience.

Simplify Your Tools

The tech world can be overwhelming with its plethora of tools and platforms. Here’s my advice: start simple. Choose one or two platforms that best align with your brand and audience. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, a simple website, or an email newsletter, starting small gradually helps you build confidence and skills. Utilize user-friendly tools that don’t require extensive technical knowledge. Furthermore, there are many intuitive platforms specifically designed for ease of use.

Outsource Wisely

Recognize when it’s time to delegate. If certain aspects of technology are too time-consuming or complex, consider outsourcing. Hiring a freelance social media manager or a website designer can free you up to focus on the parts of your brand that you excel at. Remember, outsourcing is not a defeat; it’s a strategic move.

Build a Support Network

You are not alone in this journey. Build a network of peer mentors, or join online communities where you can ask questions and get support. Networking is not just about business growth; it’s also about learning from others, getting moral support, and, sometimes, technical assistance. 

Stay Consistent and Patient

Technology, like any other field, requires consistency and patience. Don’t be discouraged by initial hiccups. The digital world is ever-evolving; everyone, even the so-called experts, continuously learns. Your persistence will pay off.

Focus on Your ‘Why’

Finally, always remember your brand’s ‘why.’ Technology is a means to an end, not the end itself. You aim to communicate your brand’s message and values to your audience. Keep your focus on this, and let technology be a tool that amplifies, not complicates, this message.

In conclusion, being technology-challenged is a phase, not a complete stop, in your branding journey. With the right approach, patience, and a bit of strategic outsourcing, you can navigate this digital world effectively and grow your brand to new heights. Keep your chin up, and remember, every tech guru started with a single click.

Cheering you on,  

DJuana Lewis

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